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Family Violence Support

Women's Stories

Bec's Story

From the outside, Bec's life looked great. Her and her partner owned a house in the "good part" of town, they had 3 beautiful children, drove nice cars, the family even took trips to the snow each year. Bec was from a great family, she was educated, intelligent, and sensible - she had even gone back to University after having children. However, behind closed doors things were different. Although the relationship with her partner had started okay, it had gradually progressed to tension & fighting and eventually he started using violence and abuse to control her and their lives together. Read More

Charlotte's Story

It was a daily occurrence for Charlotte to be humiliated, yelled at, controlled, not allowed access to any money or permitted to make any decisions, and restrictions on seeing her family and friends. Charlotte has a mild intellectual disability and the abuse she received was from her carer. Read More

Jane's Story

When Jane* met her partner, she was elated. He was articulate, educated and well-spoken. Everyone that met him thought he was wonderful and that he and Jane were perfect for each other. She had finally found the man she wanted to settle down with. They bought a house and started a family. Read More
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