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Family Violence Support

What women say about WRISC

Testimonials from women

WRISC have been outstanding with my children getting into other agencies, and helping with my state of mind. (May 2013)

All the staff were friendly and welcoming - even making cups of tea for me. I got more help than I expected. Ongoing emotional support and financial help, that I didn't know was available. (June 2013)

WRISC's support was amazing. I would not have been able to make the changes in my life, that I needed to make, if it wasn't for WRISC's services. (April 2013)

I was extremely grateful for the support I received from WRISC. With no family to help, I found this service went way above my expectations. (March 2013)

WRISC was exactly what I needed. My worker read my personality like a book and knew what to say, when to say it and when to listen, to keep me moving towards our goals. It would be great if the world was full of wonderful people like the women at WRISC. Thanks for being so great! (December 2012)

I was treated with kindness and understanding. (November 2012)

I couldn't have done it without WRISC. (November 2012)

I am very grateful to WRISC for their help and assistance through my difficulties. When something came up I knew I could call and talk it through with them. I am very happy with the assistance that was provided. (September 2012)

WRISC has been and will continue to be my safety net. It is refreshing to know there is such help available to people in violent situations. (September 2012)

What the children say

I am now happy, calm, safe, and relaxed.  (Term 1, Group, 2013)

I now have healthy ways of expressing my feelings and communicating them with others.  (Term 4, Group, 2012)

"I enjoyed the rhythm activity, the drawing and talking and the help I received." (Term 4, Group, 2012)

Bringing up great kids program

In response to the question "what changes have occurred in your family as a result of the program" parents commented:
  • Living in the moment
  • We listen more to each other
  • Better listening, overall communication
  • My child talks to me when she feels upset
  • More listening
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