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Family Violence Support

Jane's* Story

 *Jane is not her real name


When Jane* met her partner, she was elated. He was articulate, educated and well-spoken. Everyone that met him thought he was wonderful and that he and Jane were perfect for each other. She had finally found the man she wanted to settle down with. They bought a house and started a family.

However, after nine years this wonderful life Jane had always dreamed of turned into a nightmare. After discovering some shocking and devastating information about her partner, the relationship suddenly changed. He became violent and abusive towards Jane. For the next eight months Jane suffered regular beatings that left her black and blue, and constant putdowns that completely shattered her confidence.

One night, Jane mustered enough courage to call the police. Her partner was removed from the house, and an Intervention Order was granted, for Jane and her child's safety. Jane says "I can't believe how much of myself I lost in that eight months. I was destroyed on the inside as well as the out."

Not having family support, it was a very difficult and lonely road for Jane.

Jane heard about WRISC through her doctor, and made an appointment to talk with a support worker. When asked what WRISC did for her, Jane says "I don't know where to start. WRISC did so much. They reinforced the strength in me. They encouraged me to stay strong. They covered all grounds with safety planning - things I hadn't thought about and could never have afforded to pay for. Just that feeling of security."

It has not all been smooth sailing since then, however Jane says "I accept that I will sometimes take a few steps backwards, and that's okay. But I now know I can go forward again."

Jane is re-building her life and does hope to see her spark return. For other women going through family violence Jane says "You have to find supports. You don't have to go it alone. Places like WRISC will be your strength. It's a long journey, but you will get through it."

Jane also hopes that sharing her story will assist in breaking down the stereotypes around family violence. "My partner was a person you would least expect to be an abuser. I never thought anything like this would happen to me."

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