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  • Family Violence Support
  • Family Violence Support
  • Family Violence Support

For women who have experienced family violence or sexual assault

Starts May 2016
Run by WRISC Family Violence Support and Ballarat Centre Against Sexual Assault (CASA)

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WRISC's response to report and recommendations

The Royal Commission into Family Violence released its report on March 29 with a list of 227 recommendations which the Victorian State Government has stated it will implement in full.  Speaking on behalf of WRISC, Executive Officer Libby Jewson says she welcomes all the recommendations.  A key theme running through the report is the need for organisations to work together and coordinate their responses to family violence in order to provide optimum support to women and their children.  Libby says WRISC looks forward to the opportunity to respond to the Royal Commission's recommendations together with other organisations in the Central Highlands region.

In order to transform the way we respond to family violence in Victoria, new ways of thinking and collaborating will be required.  New approaches need to be guided by and take into account the following:

· Reflecting the experience of victims

· A more sustained focus on supporting children and young people

· All services must be responsive to victims' needs

· Services must work better together

· A sustained focus on effective perpetrator interventions

· Moving beyond a crisis response

· Family violence must be a core area of responsibility for government

· Development and use of technological solutions

· Harnessing community effort

Another key theme running through the Royal Commission's report is that both prevention of and response to family violence is the responsibility of the whole Victorian  community.  For too long, family violence has been regarded as a private matter, hidden behind closed doors and the responsibility of the individuals involved.  The Royal Commission has at last put it to the Victorian community  that we all bear responsibility  for challenging, and ultimately changing, the underlying values, beliefs and behaviours that underpin family violence, and fully supporting the needs of women and their children as they navigate their journey forward from living with family violence.  It is heartening to see the Victorian State Government backing up its support of the recommendations with an initial injection of funds of half a billion dollars. 



Following the release of the report of the Royal commission into Family Violence on March 29, 2016, the need for WRISC to find new, larger premises has become even more pressing.

More physical space is necessary to allow WRISC to respond to the ever growing level of requests for support in Ballarat and the surrounding region.

WRISC Board Vice-president, Julie McMahon, states that WRISC envisages the need to employ new support staff and will need a fit for purpose space that will accommodate  staff and clients.

As a result of the Royal Commission's recommendations, the sector is expected to see a boost in funding as well as a boost in awareness of the issue of family violence, which will in turn most likely see a rise in the number of people seeking access to services.

WRISC Executive Officer, Libby Jewson, explains that the increasing demand for WRISC's services doesn't allow us to respond how we would like in terms of intake, short term response, medium term response and case management in the current premises.

However, WRISC is hampered financially in terms of finding the right building.  Meetings have been held to discuss the funding problems with both sides of politics.  With the state budget weeks away, together with the funding boost expected as a result of the Royal Commission's recommendations, WRISC is hopeful of a positive outcome.

This report contains information from the original article by Matthew Dixon in The Courier, April 5, 2016.  Read the full article here.

One Million Stars Project

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WRISC Family Violence Support

WRISC exists to change the lives of women and children affected by family violence.

Violence (or abuse) can take many forms and includes:
  • isolating from family and friends
  • controlling access to money or how it is spent
  • name calling, belittling and putdowns
  • making all the decisions and controlling what she does
  • preventing practicing of cultural or spiritual beliefs
  • intimidation
  • making threats
  • physically harming
  • sexualised violence

We believe that everyone has the right to be safe, to be treated equally and to have access to the same opportunities as everyone else. We know that violence of any kind denies people these rights.

WRISC helps to provide safety, support, information, advocacy, children's counselling, court support, and case management. We provide services across the Central Highlands region of Victoria, and our service is free and confidential.

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WRISC acknowledges the traditional owners of this land - their elders past and present, and is committed to reconciliation with Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples through respectful relationships and providing culturally safe and appropriate services.
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