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  • Family Violence Support
  • Family Violence Support
  • Family Violence Support

WRISC is recruiting!
Senior Case Manager, 0.8 EFT

WRISC is seeking a qualified professional woman (inclusive) for the position of Senior Case Manager 0.8 EFT in the Family Violence Outreach Program.  Please see the advertisement below and click here for full details.

Van Go Circle of Strength Courage Cards and Greeting Cards are available for purchase.

For the past 10 months Van Go's Art therapist Becky has been working on a project involving Darley Primary School, Bacchus Marsh College and students from Federation University at The Laurels. The purpose of this project has been to work with students who have experienced family violence, to hear their voices and to produce a product that can in turn help others. The result has been the successful production of sets of affirmation cards to help those who have/are experiencing difficult times. The children have contributed to the development of the cards through participating in art therapy activities, numerous group discussions on family violence and sharing their own personal insights and stories. The children from all three groups helped in the word selection process, choosing strengths that they believed they possessed having been through family violence.

Please see below for how to make a purchase.

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